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  • John
    Fantastic Service,Very Professional and very quick response.
  • Roger
    Excellent service,I never thought a computer issue could get resolved so easily without me going out to a repair shop.
  • Frank
    The technician was friendly and helpful and the issue on my computer was resolved.
  • James
    Matt understood my exact problem, logged in to my computer and resolved the issue.I will highly recommend these guys.
  • Fabio
    In this day and age where laptop issues can be a nightmare,these guys made it look ridiculously easy.Wow.
  • Carlson
    The tech guy was very effective in understanding my issues ,very knowledgeable and professional.
  • Dominic
    These guys are the absolute best at what they do.I am surprised with the ease in which he worked on my pc and removed the virus.
  • Bill
    I am a tech guy myself, but for them to remote access my pc and format my computer, install windows and then install softwares.This is amazing.
  • Christine
    I run a small business ,my comp needs to be working fine without any issues all the time for me to have an efficient business,they have been my go to guys.Excellent Service.
  • Carla
    Its a real person who answers a phone and they help out ,they really do.Very polite,understanding.

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